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Chimalus Lodge #242

F3a Flap

Washington Green Council


Chimalus Lodge #242 F3a flap. Chimalus Lodge #242 was chartered in 1943 in the Washington Greene Council in Washington, Pennsylvania. The Chimalus Lodge totem was a Bluebird.

    F3a flap: Red rolled border, "CHIMALUS", "242", right arrow, and "WWW"; Measures 51x118 mm; Twill left medium; Lions Brothers; Multiple variations exits: Olive and light oliver border on top of river; Blue background.

    F3b flap: Twill left smoothS; Lions Brothers; Multiple variations exits: Olive and light oliver border on top of river.

Chimalus Lodge #242 Merger History

Allohak Menewi Lodge #57 was chartered in 2011 in the Laurel Highlands Council #527 located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Allohak Menewi Lodge was formed in 2011 from merger of Enda Lechauhanne Lodge #57 and Nachamawat Lodge #275. The Allohak Menewi Lodge totem is xxxxx. 

    Enda Lechauhanne Lodge #57 was chartered in 1993 in the Greater Pittsburgh Council #527 located in Ithaca, Pennsylvania. Enda Lechauhanne Lodge was formed in 1993 from merger of Kiasutha Lodge #57 and Tanacharison Lodge #67. The Enda Lechauhanne Lodge totem was a Woodland Native American warrior.


      Kiasutha Lodge #57 was chartered in 1967 in the Allegheny Trails Council located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kiasutha Lodge was formed from the merger of Kuwewanik #57 and Chimalus #242. The Kiasutha Lodge totem was the Gustoweh, war club, and pipe.


        Kuwewanik Lodge #57 was chartered in 1937 in the Allegheny Council located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Kuwewanik Lodge totem was a Red squirrel.


        Chimalus Lodge #242 was chartered in 1943 in the Washington Greene Council in Washington, Pennsylvania. The Chimalus Lodge totem was a Bluebird.


      Tanacharison Lodge was chartered in 1973 in the East Valley Area Council located in Forest Hills, Pennsylvania. Tanacharison Lodge was formed in 1973 from the merger of Anicus Lodge #67 and Scarouady Lodge #130. The Tanacharison Lodge totem was the wolf.


        Anicus Lodge #67 was chartered in 1933 in the East Boroughs Council located in Wilkinsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Anicus Lodge totem was theEastern chipmunk


        Scarouady Lodge # 130 was chartered in 1938 in the Mon-Yough Council located in Munhall, Pennsylvania. Scarouady Lodge was formed in 1971 from merger of Sagamore Lodge #130 and Shingis lodge #497. The Scarouady Lodge totem was an Owl perched on a Mountain Laurel branch.


          Sagamore Lodge #130 was chartered in 1938 in the Monongahela Valley Council located in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The Sagamore Lodge totem was an Owl perched on a chieftain's head.


          Shingis lodge #497 was chartered in 1953 in the Yohogania Council located in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania. The Shingis lodge totem was an Owl perched on a Beaver.


    Nachamawat Lodge #275 was chartered in 1973 in the Penn's Woods Council #508 located in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Nachamawat Lodge formed from merger of Hopocan Lodge #275, Wopsononock Lodge #347, and Amadahi Lodge #441. The Nachamawat Lodge totem was a Bow and Quiver with 3 arrows.


      Hopocan Lodge #275 was chartered in 1944 in the William Penn Council located in Indiana, Pennsylvania. In 1954, Hopocan Lodge rechartered after previously disbanding, changing its name from Monachgeu Lodge. The Hopocan Lodge totem was the peace pipe.


      Wopsononock Lodge #347 was chartered in 1946 in the Blair Bedford Area Council located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. In 1946, Wopsononock Lodge changed its name from Wisawanik Lodge (totem the Red Squirrel). The Wopsononock Lodge totem was the Zuni Sun God (rising sun).


      Amadahi Lodge #441 was chartered in 1950 in the Admiral Robert E. Perry Council located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The Amadahi Lodge totem was Two deer: a doe and a buck.


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